Firearms, handgun, training, safety, Handling, handgun, defense, tactical, carbine, shotgun, protection
Firearms, handgun, training, safety, Handling, handgun, defense, tactical, carbine, shotgun, protection

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Got a little behind with the range being closed but be sure to check back for open enrollment ASP Baton and Cuff and STR's pepper spray course for security professionals and NEW classes including Civilian Baton and pepper spray courses.


Agencies as usual should email me at

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Update 02/12/15


We are now scheduling times and resuming regular firearms training. We were able to take advantage of the down time during the repairs being conducted at Norpoint Shooting and Training Center over the passed months to focus on adding training equipment and a few more certifications including O.C. and ASP Baton and Handcuff for the benefit our armed professionals. We are still working on obtaining First Aid, AED, CPR certifications and creating self-defense awareness seminar and other self defense options. So keep checking back for more infromation on new training opportunities. Train well


Anthony Blanchard

425-890-5625 call to schedule

or email

Under armor, Range, Tactical, Gun, Training, Boot, cross training Under Armor "Valsetz"

Under Armour “Valsetz” and “OPS tactical trainer” boot


I started back on the job this year as a security contractor during a short break from the range while they take care of some much needed upgrades and repairs. I quickly noticed some of my equipment also is in need of upgrade or replacement, and after many years of being completely dedicated and happy with my Oakley tactical boots on the range and at work, I decided to give Under Armor a try. At around $120.00 pair the UA’s are not the cheapest but then they aren’t close to being the most expensive either. I purchased both pairs of Under Armor for comparison, and was out about the same money I spent on my last pair of Oakley boots which lasted over five years.

Right out of the box the UA’s are very comfortable, flexible and light, despite looking like a much heavier boot. They in fact are surprisingly light weight and flexible, but not in that “For a boot!” kind of way either They feel more like a sneaker than a tactical boot but the soles on the Valsetz are a little “luggy“ which just means you have to pick up your feet a little more for a couple days until you get used to them. Traction on the Valsetz is good and better than some in the wet and getting around on wet tile surfaces.  The soles tend to feel a little softer on the outer edge of the heel, I think due to the oddly placed hole in the side. I’m not sure if this is strictly for appearance but I fail to see any practical purpose. It also seems to allow the soles to flex in such a way that they can squeak a little. And the cordura/synthetic upper and lack of a lining means they are not water proof or insulated. But who says they have to be? For the needs of a security/range guy like me they’re working out great. No worries for those of you with harsher work environments though, there is a water proof version available if your job requires it. The soles of the OPS tactical trainers are more like a trainer than a boot and take a little care when transferring from wet to tile surfaces, but provide a little more lateral stability.

It’s been two months and I have worn them at work, on the range and the A.S.P. Instructor Course(AIC) I alternated between the Valsetz and the OPS Trainers during the AIC course which is pretty intensive and I’ll admit my feet were about the only thing that wasn’t sore when I was finished. Good lateral support traction and grip from both throughout the three days. The Ops trainers worked out a little better on the mats allowing my feet to move much better as they seemed to heavier throughout the training. About the only thing I’m concerned about is continuing durability. They feel thin but it’s balanced well with the light weight, and it remains to be seen if they are too delicate for use as a “tactical” duty boot.


Under Armour marketing claims and registers much of the following features


The Valsetz have; EVA soles and Synthetic upper Looks like some cordura along the sides (Armour guidefoot strike guidance from impact to propulsion, Armour bound for superior responsive cushion, Armourlastic to absorb shock at critical zones) Not sure what that means in the real world but they are comfortable lightweight and a good option for the cost.

The OPS Tactical Trainer have; Cordura and full grain upper (Comp fit ankle support, Micro Gtrns cushioned landing into explosive take offs, 4D Foam shapes to foot eliminating slippage)Mid sole Shank. (On a side note: They also fit about a half size to small.)

Take care and be aware when selecting gun gear.


The following is taken from an Email sent to Norpoint Training Center and is shared as a precautionary tale and is posted as the account of the individuals involved.
I wanted to share a quick story with you that maybe you can share when you are teaching students.  I received a call from my father this evening telling me one of my brothers accidentally shot him self in the leg.  Naturally, I assumed he violated at least two of the cardinal safety rules (finger on trigger, and muzzle control).
I just spoke to him on the phone while he was at the hospital.  Luckily, the bullet entered just below his hip and exited just above his knee.  It hit nothing vital - no bones, blood vessels, connective tissue etc.  When I asked him what happened, I asked if he had his finger on the trigger, he told me his finger was not on the trigger.  He said he had a (drum roll please) Versa Carry holster he was putting inside his waist, the trigger got hung up on something (probably clothing), and the gun discharged.
As we all know, besides lugging your sidearm around, a principal function of the holster is to COVER THE DAMN TRIGGER.  If the trigger is not covered, in my opinion, you are asking for trouble.  My brother now agrees with me on this point and wishes he'd never used this gimmicky holster.  They had to dig the pieces of the holster out of his thigh because the Versa Carry has that pin that goes into the front of the barrel to support the weapon.
Luckily, he is well.  Unfortunately, his new Obamacare deductable is $10k, which I think he just hit.
Regards, (Name withheld)
In the past, (As one of the benefits my students enjoy) I looked at a Versa Carry holster and gave my opinion as a concealed carry option for one of my students. I was not supporting of the product for a few reasons, including the possibility of accidental discharge for the reason stated in the Email. There are many products on the market when used with care and proper training are safe, but can also turn deadly or cause serious injury if used improperly. So take extra caution when using new products, be aware of potential problems, do some research and seek profesional guidance if possible when considering new firearm gear.

Ladies - Well Armed Woman


Recently, I got to conduct a gun cleaning seminar at Norpoint Shooting center with members of Well Armed Woman. A great bunch of ladies, I thank Bonnie of W.A.W. and Norpoint for letting me participate and look forward to doing more in the future.

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